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Online Courses

Our mission is to help you to achieve your learning goals. For this, we share the knowledge of professionals with deep and solid education and extensive experience and we strive to make the study material always available to the largest number of people in Latin America and the world. We mainly focus on companies or organizations with high quality material needs at reasonable prices and easily accessible.

Blended Courses

We know that knowledge and know-how mix when we need to acquire skills or develop skills, for this reason our course offer satisfies not only the need for new knowledge, but also the need for new skills. Courses that offer study on the online platform and skills assessment in person are available to you.

Tailored-made Courses

We want this platform to be the learning site for your company or organization. For this we offer you to develop and host your own courses here. We build courses according to your needs and requirements. With information that you provide us and material from our information bank, it can now be a reality that the courses of your organization are always available.

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AltairTraining is an eCommerce site that allows you to have access to a great variety of online courses for service stations. Especially aimed at Spanish-speaking users.

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